Douglas Fryer | Transformation

Douglas Fryer | Transformation


Altamira Fine Art Scottsdale is pleased to present a new exhibition for Douglas Fryer, April 9-20, 2024.

Please join us for the Artist Reception Thursday, April 11, 7-9pm and Meet the Artist.

Douglas Fryer is regarded for his richly textured, subtly abstracted landscapes.  He believes that “Art is in the process and result of organizing elements for the purpose of stimulating the senses, emotions and thoughts of both the creator and the viewer of the work. Works of art are evidence of the artist’s effort to experience and comprehend the world and to observe particular nuances in visual, conceptual and spiritual information.” Using a variety of tools, techniques and media, he creates poetic works that inspire contemplation and reflection.  

My new body of work in Transformation is based on a curiosity about the alteration and flux we see in our natural environment, and the side-by-side comparison and association of quickly transitioning clouds and atmosphere with elements that are seemingly unchanging, such as the earth or mountains. There is an implication that the forms represented in the paintings are like one another: in a sense solid earth is transitioning like cloud forms, but at a much slower rate. In the paintings there is a meshing, blending, sometimes entangling of the earth and the sky, suggesting that one is very much like the other when considered from a different frame of mind. The very act of painting, exploring the forms in their many iterations, trying with each layer to obtain successively closer approximations of the final form, only to find that the most truthful statement about the forms is to leave them in a state of ambiguity, has been very revealing and surprising to me.” -Douglas Fryer

Fryer was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and was raised in the northern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois as well as in California. He received a BFA and MFA from Brigham Young University, principally studying with Bruce Hixon Smith. Interested in work that explores the interplay between the physical and metaphysical, Fryer has been influenced by artists such as Soren Emil Carlsen, John Twachtman, George Inness, Edgar Degas, Fred Cuming, V. Douglas Snow and Alex Kanevsky, among many others. Fryer currently lives with his family in Spring City, Utah.

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