Altamira Fine Art Scottsdale is pleased to present a solo exhibition for Erica Vhay, December 5-16, 2023. 


Please join us for the Artist Reception and Holiday ArtWalk on Thursday, December 7, 7-9pm and Meet the Artist. 



" In both my figurative and abstract city-scapes I am intrigued by capturing a moment, a pause in the day that otherwise moves on unseen. Within that moment there are patterns and negative shapes that create a beautiful abstraction. In my recent work I am looking to push that abstraction so that the shapes become as important as the subject matter. These shapes create the composition, which in the end decides the success of the work."

 – Erica Vhay


With her latest body of work, Vhay is becoming more interested in the process and allowing it to play a bigger role instead of trying to control the material. The process can be seen in the layers of paint; in some paintings creating an abstract painting under the figure. The drawing comes through more prominently- and there is a vulnerability present - seeing the drawing instead of hiding it under layers of paint. These exposed layers run parallel to the outer world seeing one’s inner workings while navigating major life changes.


Originally from Reno, Nevada, Erica Vhay currently resides in Tucson, AZ.  Vhay attended the University of Oregon where she received her degree in Fine Art, focusing in ceramic sculpture, drawing and painting. Since graduating she has combined her trade as a professional graphic designer and oil painting to serve her art career of 16 years. 


The Vhay family has a long legacy of artists and architects. Her great grandfather was the American sculptor and painter Gutzon Borglum, best known for the sculpting of Mt. Rushmore.  This artistic heritage shows in Erica’s confident, unique style. 


Her work is varied: including explorations in abstract, figurative and landscape painting. Her graphic design background is evident through her use of negative space, intelligent composition, and strong form. Regarding process: “On the final layer I place the paint on the canvas and leave each stroke as it was applied. This honors the direct quality of the paint and my process. I don't go back to rework the piece. How I am feeling on that day, that moment, can be seen in the brushstrokes: cautious or brave, random or studied. I believe art is more powerful if the viewer can see evidence of the painter in the work,” says  Vhay.


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