Altamira Fine Art Scottsdale is pleased to present a new exhibition for Arizona artist Kenneth Peloke, February 13-24, 2024. 

Please join us for the Artist Reception on Thursday, February 15, 7-9pm and Meet the Artist. 



I wanted the work in this show to reflect my neverending quest to feel free and at peace. The images embody the spirit of freedom; able to move abroad, following an undetermined path. I feel we all long for a safe place, and the space to roam and wander - the freedom to explore.  I try to convey those feelings with this new work. Free reign.  

                                                                                                                    -Kenneth Peloke

Through experimentation and self-teaching, Kenneth Peloke has learned to use all of his past works- whether it is landscapes, people, animals, abstracts, design or photography- in his current work. Over the past several years, he has found inspiration by spending time with his wife’s horses. His bold, large-scale pieces capture the pure essence of the horse while still challenging his artistic talents. His multimedia approach creates depth and incredible realism to his pieces that give them a one of a kind contemporary appeal.

“Being a self-taught artist, and also colorblind, led to years of frustration, but through trial and error, methodically over the years I have found what works for me. I work with many layers, different substrates, and all types of media. Instead of using colors to create depth; I use my surface. I feel it is the most important element of my work.", Peloke says.  

Variations, transparency, layering, and certain techniques allow Peloke to naturally generate the subtle inconsistencies in his paintings which make each piece unique and imperfect. From this, the natural and realistic aspects of the work are achieved. Some effects are created by choice and others by chance...and its in that small miracle when chance and choice unite which create a work of art that has the potential to move the viewer much as the artist was moved while creating it.  

Peloke’s work has been featured in Western Art Collector, In Style, Luxe, and Western Art & Architecture Magazine and is displayed in both public and private installations throughout the world including China, Singapore, Australia, New York, Scottsdale, Jackson Hole and Sun Valley, ID.

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