Altamira Fine Art Jackson is pleased to present the latest exhibition from Jackson artist Todd Kosharek. An Artist Reception will be held on Thursday, December 28 from 5:30-7:30pm.


Wonderment,  meaning a state of awed admiration or respect, penetrates Kosharek’s work and ethos. This new exhibition will be a collection of works exploring  themes of peace through ideas of innocence, romanticism (through the works of Romantic era poets and composers), love letters, and illustrations from the past - all things that bring out a sense of wonder to being alive.  Todd's signature origami cranes will be the vehicles for the expression of these ideas, with new palettes and techniques explored.


"I was asked once if having children inspired a change in my paintings.  At the time I said not really.  My first child was still a baby.  Once he hit the age of discovery - around two years of age - then I started to see him make it into my work. He now collects feathers and loves butterflies.  Chases them everywhere.  I find it interesting that both of these things have rich symbolic histories; the butterfly transcends all cultures and recorded history.  This show is me surrendering completely to my children.  It is me soaking in their daily sense of wonderment to the ever expanding world around them - and through that - looking at the world as I know it all over again.  In nearly every piece - a feather or a butterfly is fleeting or falling.  Like wonderment, they are passing through."- Todd Kosharek


Pre-sales available. Call (307) 739-4700 for details and availability




Todd Kosharek grew up in rural southern Wisconsin with a supportive family that built him a studio at the age of thirteen.  He has been devoted to painting ever since. At the University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee he received a BA in Art History, focusing his attention on late 18th to middle 20th century painting. Through these studies, he learned not only various approaches to technique, color theory, tonality and composition, but also about the importance of art within the fabric of society and how this has changed throughout the ages. This understanding has been an important factor in his choosing of subject matter and his continued exploration of realistic symbolism.


Todd continues his study of art history while painting full time in his home studio in Jackson, Wyoming, where he has lived since 2000. He regularly takes portrait commissions and also paints the Wyoming scenery around him.  In 2007, he started his series of paintings exploring the symbolic qualities of the origami paper crane for which he is best known.  The Origami Crane Series is an on-going collection of interior paintings exploring the ancient Japanese prayer tradition of folding 1,000 cranes.  These paintings are contemplations on memory, place, and time.   He has also explored the concept of the origami crane as a universally accepted symbol of peace in his ongoing “Project” series.  These have included The Peace Project, The Perception Project and The History Project. 


Todd Kosharek has work in major private and public collections throughout the United States and in Paris, France.



March 2016, “Duality: The Perception Project”, Solo Show, Altamira Fine Art, Jackson, WY

August 2015, “Folded: Symbol, The Peace Project”, Solo Show, Daly Projects Gallery, Jackson, WY

February 2015, “Frontiers”, Group Landscape Show, Daly Projects Gallery, Jackson, WY

June 2014,  Plein Air Festival, National Wildlife Art Museum, Jackson, WY

January 2014,  “Interiors/Exteriors”, Solo Show, Center for the Arts, Jackson, WY

June 2013 “The Best of Wyoming”, Group Show, Art Association of Jackson Hole, Center for the Arts, Jackson, WY

June 2013,  Plein Air Festival, National Wildlife Art Museum, Jackson, WY 

Nov 2012, “Silverspot: A Graphic Novel”, Group Show, National Wildlife Art Museum, Jackson, WY

Sept 2012, “Jackson Rising”, Group Show, Art Association of Jackson Hole, Center for the Arts, Jackson, WY