"I like to think of my paintings as visual poems. On the surface they are quiet whispers, but I hope they convey a depth of emotion to anyone who takes the time to stop and listen." - David Grossmann



Meet The Artist

David Grossmann explores the space between nature and the inner landscape of perception and contemplation, intuition and memory. Through the use of imagery that captures the passage of time, he attempts to convey the fragile balance of the environment and the patterns of loss and renewal that play out in the natural world. His paintings take shape in a slow progression that allows each to become a meditative, reverent space.

Grossmann was born in Colorado and raised in South America amid the Atacama Desert and the Andes Mountains. There he gained an early awareness of nature’s fragile balance. And, over those formative years growing up between cultures and languages, his bent toward introspection deepened. The inner and outward landscapes of place and culture are themes he continues to explore through landscapes that blur the lines between reality and introspection.

He now lives in Colorado, USA, where he, his wife, and their son are frequently visited by herds of deer and the many birds that wander through their yard.

Selected publications