"I choose subjects other people might overlook, and when I put it into the square of the canvas it becomes something else. It takes on a life of its own."



Meet The Artist

Jared Sanders was born in 1970 in Kaysville, Utah. He studied art with Glen Edwards at Utah State University. It wasn't long after graduation that Sanders attracted the attention of both galleries and collectors. Sanders currently lives near the small town of Heber, Utah, and paints the enduring forms of farmlands, hills, rivers, and trees that he intimately knows and loves. His moody, tonalist western landscapes have given way in recent years to iconic barn paintings. "To me, barns are simply a great visual gift that someone built and left on the landscape for me to use in my work," Sanders says.

The western landscape offers up a wealth of abstract elements to Sanders' eye. He pulls out these elements and plays with them. Structural, human-made influences take up a dialogue with the natural curves of the land. He likes to put the horizon line low in a painting so that the overall feel becomes calm and restful, yet not without a certain tension still being held in the composition.

Sanders considers himself a regionalist, and travels the winding roads of the West for his inspiration. His masterful handling of paint allows him to portray the subtle grace of a small Utah farmhouse at dawn, a vast Montana pasture in early spring, or a hundred-year-old Colorado barn. His skies are exquisite - luminous yet quietly potent. The artist's reverence for the everyday contemporary West is clearly evident in his work.

Sanders' selected awards include the 2000 Art for the Parks People's Choice Award, a 2003 Award for Best Oil or Acrylic at Maynard Dixon Country; and the 2004 Purchase Award at Deseret News Landscape Art Show "Color of The Land." In September 2000, he was featured in Southwest Art's "21 under 31." He has had over a dozen one-man shows in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Sedona, Arizona, Park City, Utah, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. His heroic canvas, the 72" x 60" Landmark, was acquired in 2013 by the Buffalo Bill Center of the West's Whitney Gallery for their permanent collection.

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