Michael Blessing

Michael Blessing

Meet The Artist

Michael Blessing (b. 1960) spent his formative years in the rural American West, surrounded by the land, the people, and the experiences typical of that iconic time in mid last century America. These experiences instilled in him a strong sense of identity, an ability to innovate, and the hearty independence inherent in a pioneering spirit.

Blessing’s future-focused penchant for pushing into new territory is tangibly evident in his Neon West Electric works: a series of larger-than-life characters painted in a contemporary style that incorporates the vibrant color and contrasting light of cutting-edge LED neon technology as a sculptural element. As an artist, Blessing enjoys exploring innovative ideas and incorporating unconventional techniques, methods, and mediums in his work.

The mythology of the American West centers around archetypal storytelling; the reluctant Hero’s tale of triumph over seemingly insurmountable opposition is one we never tire of. These thematic threads of redemption, freedom, and light overtaking darkness compel Blessing’s selection of subject matter and design, presenting the viewer with a modern visual version of an age-old story. As a rule, he is drawn to strong compositions, vibrant color, and bold lines. His dynamic works command attention, possessing a vivid, edgy quality that is both contemporary and timeless.

Michael Blessing’s work has been featured in various publications, including Art of the West, Western Art & Architecture, Big Sky Journal, Southwest Art, and Western Art Collector. His paintings have won Awards of Excellence from both Western Art Collector and Southwest Art Magazines, the FASO Boldbrush Award, and several International Gallery Awards.

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