Born by the Snake River on an Idaho farm, I discovered my artistic voice. From teaching credentials to ArtCenter College of Design, my journey reflects gratitude and faith.



Meet The Artist

Tall and soft-spoken, contemplative and quiet, Robert Moore possesses a sincerity reflective of his Idaho farm upbringing, his childhood spent on the banks of the Snake River. Early on, he turned to art as a conduit for free expression of his feelings and his affinity for nature.

Ever practical and disciplined, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree with teaching credentials in art from Eastern Oregon State College, before attending the ArtCenter College of Design in California, where he majored in illustration. With diligence and gratitude, he has become a leading impressionistic oil painter, represented across the country and lauded by Western art magazines. His use of vivid colors and high-keyed values reveal a joy inspired by his faith. Painting en plein air allows the artist to capture his immediate impressions of a place—whether set in his beloved Idaho or along his travels across the country and through China, Europe and Canada. True to his roots, Robert lives on a farm in Southern Idaho with his wife, Rebecca, and their six children. Immersed in the Snake River Basin, he is surrounded by the same scenery that first captivated him as a child, and his upbringing continues to drive his desire to share the beauty he sees in nature. In 2012, Moore received the Idaho Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts. Recently, he has become a highly sought-after instructor, teaching multiple workshops a year.

Selected publications

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