"My paintings are about expressing a visual experience that challenges and communicates with a sense of mystery in hopes to awaken the senses. Mystery is a part of life where not everything is easily explainable." - Rocky Hawkins



Meet The Artist

Rocky Hawkins was born in 1950 in Seattle, Washington, and grew up in small towns near the Cascade Mountains. He earned his degree at the Burnley School of Professional Art. His interest in the mystery and spiritual element of the Indian culture began in his childhood. Traveling with his family to historic locations that conveyed Native American history, he was taken with the beauty and mysticism of the Indian's individual expression.

Hawkins' art career began with illustration and commercial art; however, this path was unable to satisfy his creative quest for self-expression. As a result, his personal journey led him to New Mexico, and ultimately to Montana, where he connected more closely with the spirit of the Native American imagery that dominates his art.

Hawkins' dynamic style invites viewers on a journey into the mysterious world of the unknown. Many of Hawkins' paintings seem to hold secret passageways detectable only at specific perspectives or distances. Thus viewers play an active role in what they see. It's often noted that his paintings possess a shamanistic quality.

As one of the premier painters in the American West, his work reaches beyond typical representations of the region. His interests lie in the texture of the paintings' surfaces, the relationships of the colors, and in representing what he feels about what he sees.

Hawkins' exhibitions include the The Russell: The Sale to Benefit the Museum, Yellowstone Art Museum Auction, Santa Fe Art Auction, and Museum Of the Rockies, among others.

Selected publications

Museum of Native American Art, Spokane, WA

David and Connie Clapp, NY

Keilty Collection American Express, CT

Locati Architects, MT

Larson Juhl Corporation, GA

Sam & Sherry Scott, MT

Meredith Corporation, IA

Vital Ground - Doug and Lynne Seus - Park City, UT

Jack and Beverley Grundhofer, CEO US Bank, Livingston, MT and Palm Desert, CA

Kendrick and Linda Wilson, VP Goldman Sachs Livingston, MT and NY

Fred Rowan, III, CEO Carter's Clothing, Atlanta, GA