My artistic journey, largely self-taught through workshops across the US and France, unfolds as a continuous evolution, drawing on a life shaped by adventure and exploration across Ohio, Central, and South America.



Meet The Artist

Soulful and dynamic describes Stephanie Revennaugh's work. Her sculpture is born from an intimate acquaintance with her equine and canine subjects and executed with delight in form and texture. She is especially charmed by Bijou and Chloe her whippet pups and Mo her Thoroughbred eventing horse.

Revennaugh’s work has been featured in exhibitions and publications globally. In May 2019 Revennaugh was honored to be included in an exhibition under the patronage of His Majesty the King of Bahrain. The National Sculpture Society (NSS) awarded Revennaugh the 2017 Marilyn Newmark Memorial Grant for a meritorious body of work in animal sculpture. In 2018 She was elected as a NSS member. The Desert Caballeros Western Museum show Cowgirl Up! Has awarded Revennaugh 2014 Best New Artist, 2018 Museum Purchase Award, 2019 1st Place 3D.

Revennaugh is largely self taught through various workshops with notable artists in the US and France. She divides her time between Montana and California. Living her early years in Ohio, Central, and South America gave her a taste for adventure and exploration. Drawing on experiences around the world, Stephanie continues to evolve, creating ever more evocative work.

Selected publications