"paintings that feel 100% Me."



Meet The Artist

Timothy Horn was born and raised in the small town of Yellow Springs, Ohio, and graduated from the Cooper Union School of Art in New York City in 1984 with a focus in graphic design. After finishing school, he worked at several design firms in New York before moving to San Francisco in 1992, where he continued to work as a designer.

When he first moved to the Bay Area, he explored with wild abandon the natural beauty of the nearby open spaces and was struck by the intensity of the light and the variety of landscapes in the region. He now paints full-time and lives in the small town of Fairfax where he is drawn to the everyday scenes of the rural areas in Marin and Sonoma Counties -- the old buildings that have evaded development, the workings of ranch life, the old cars and trucks that continue on, or sometimes simply the play of light and shadow across planes of weathered color.

Horn wants to create paintings that tell his story, that express his observations, "paintings that feel 100% Me." His work has won numerous awards, and have been featured in several magazines, including the cover of Southwest Art in 2012. Horn participates in a number of annual group exhibitions, is represented by four galleries and teaches painting workshops around the country and abroad. He is an Artist Member of the California Art Club and a signature member of Oil Painters of America.

Selected publications