"We are here. And we are thriving, through our traditions".



Meet The Artist

Zoë Marieh Urness is a Tlingit Alaskan Native whose portraits of modern Natives in traditional regalia and settings deliver a message; "We are here. And we are thriving, through our traditions".

Her unique style fuses documentary and fine art, with her imagery simultaneously reflecting the sensitivity and the ancestral strength of her subjects.

Zoe studied at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA, her current project focuses exclusively on sharing beautiful, powerful images of Indigenous Americans, and the lands and traditions they hold dear. Recently, she visited the Havasupai at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, the Hopi at Second Mesa, the Apache Crown Dancers at Monumental Valley, and the Alaskan natives at the biennial Celebration in Juneau.

She has shown abroad in the United Kingdom and has made show appearances at Photo L.A., During Art Basel Miami showing at SPECTRUM, the Heard Market, Native Treasures, and made her second appearance on the plaza at Indian Market, where she again won a blue ribbon in her category and added a second ribbon for best in division. The Autry Museum recognized Zoe’s recent image, Keeping Traditions Alive, best in her division. Her most works include images from the spiritual movement of Standing Rock.

Selected publications