Altamira Fine Art is pleased to present a new exhibition for Colorado artist David Grossmann, opening August 20th, 2019 at our Jackson Hole, WY location.


Please join us for the Artist Reception, Tuesday, August 20th from 5:30-7:30pm.


David Grossmann more than rises to the challenge of capturing nature’s dynamism in two dimensions. He transcends it. By his brush, the impossibility of rendering motion through a static painting becomes profoundly possible and eminently effective.

Consider In Motion, a large work whose style coalesces the theme of his new paintings at Altamira Fine Art. A cottonwood tree aglow in autumn colors stands counterpoint to swirling cross-currents of leaves with clouds, birds, and a river coursing through the background. Immersing himself in the momentary marvel of such movement, Grossmann allows the painting to achieve an equilibrium between effort and acquiescence. “I felt myself drawn in and held in the flowing patterns that emerged in the painting,” he says. “The painting became more and more dynamic as I sought to convey the fleeting beauty and the constant motion of life.”

Despite all of its steady shifting, nature also models stillness—a dualism Grossmann captures in his compositions. As much as the seasons and light continually change, core elements endure: the wonder of the first snowfall or the regeneration of spring after winter. “These paintings revolve around ideas of transition, seasons, and brevity,” he says. “They stem from inspirations that are always in motion, and in all of this letting go and holding on there is the hope of inner stillness and the renewal that comes with every breath and every sunrise.”

This balance—resolved and rendered—radiates from his paintings and serve as reminders of enriching experiences in nature. A collector and biologist noticed this quality and remarked, "When I see these paintings I feel strong vibrations, like at the best moments of my pure perception of nature, other people, music or myself. In everyday life, sometimes it is hard to save oneself. But pictures help to return to yourself, to feel delicacy and beauty inside."


For In Motion, his summer exhibition at Altamira, Grossmann considers the full sweep of seasonal expressions. The exhibition runs from August 20 to 31, with an opening reception held from 5:30 to 7:30pm on August 20.